Monday, December 14, 2009

The 1980's Big Hair and Big Art, Artist Gregory Gioiosa

In a decade preoccupied with success and status, art got bigger in scope, ambition, theme, budget, promotion and cultural presence. Art became an extension of ones success or power. During the 1980's, collecting art was a symbol of ones education, lifestyle and class. New York and Los Angeles became hot spots for galleries to flourish under the patronage of yuppies. Gallery owners were constantly looking for new cutting edge work that would challenge the intellect and budget of their clients. As clients became desensitized with the simple idea of new imagery, new materials or new subject matter, there was an opening and opportunity for truly challenging work to be developed. Artists like Robert Longo began showing businessmen in agony with his "Men in Cities" series. Keith Haring used street graffiti and street polemic art to attack the conformities of the decade. And while artists like Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Longo need no introduction, there are monumental works of art that were created in the 80's that need to be reintroduced today.

We are spotlighting an original painting by Gregory Gioiosa titled "Asterope" created in January of 1988. This monumental original painting on board measures 115" tall by 73" wide and sits 3" reliefed away from the wall. It's difficult to convey the grandeur of this piece, not only because of the size, but the bold colors and abstract edges of the piece. Looking at the piece up close you are awstruck by Gioiosa's meticulous precision with the layering and overlapping of colors. Below is a detail picture of the lower center section of the piece.

The neon colors are just as clean and vibrant today as they were when it was created 22 years ago. Dominating the better part of any wall, this painting makes a statement that says "I Love Living in the 80's".

"Asterope" Original Painting on Board by Gregory Gioiosa currently available

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  1. Love this piece, quintessential 80s art and design that would fit in well with any Memphis or other Post Modern interior.