Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Mountain Climbers Fantasy

Appearing in the 1981 Playboy Forum was Patrick Nagel's adaptation of a mountain climbers oasis!
Resting in her hanging bivouac sack, or bivy sack, is the alluring Nagel Woman. This original ink on board measures 14.5"x9.5" The piece is hand signed in pencil along the right side, as pictured below.
As is consistent with the Nagel originals that appeared in Playboy magazine, the backside of the original is stamped with "PLAYBOY'S ARTWORK REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED WITHOUT PLAYBOY'S PERMISSION". This identification stamp can be seen in the photo below.
This piece was purchased from the collection of Charles Martignette by collector and American mystery writer Max Allan Collins, who wrote the graphic novel "Road to Perdition" and took over the writing of the Dick Tracy comic strip in 1977 from creator Chester Gould. This original was recently acquired from Max Allan Collins and has recently been placed into one of our collectors homes!

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