Monday, July 5, 2010

She Wore a Black Bustier...Original Patrick Nagel Canvas

The design roots of this original acrylic painting on canvas from 1983 came from a smaller original painting on board that Nagel did for Playboy's September 1983 Playboy Forum. The image from Playboy is posted below.
This image was then later cropped and printed in the 1990s by Playboy under the business name of "Special Edition Limited". An image of the print is seen below.
The canvas painting that we're currently offering features a more limited color palette than the Playboy piece, but is a much more refined painting with a stunning face and contrast in tonal quality, as can be seen in the detail photo of her face below.
The canvas painting measuring 43"x31" is in excellent condition. The canvas is signed and dated "1983" and is stretched over a wooden backer, which is a signature element of Nagel's canvas works.

On the back of the wooden stretcher the painting is marked with the cataloging number "N231" as can be seen in the image posted below.
We have included a photo of Nagel at a show signing with this canvas hanging behind him during the event.
Patrick Nagel
Original Acrylic on Canvas
Signed and Dated 1983

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  1. What is the actual name of this piece? Is is very rare?


  2. Hi Erin, Patrick Nagel rarely titled pieces unless limited edition prints were released of a piece. In the case of this 1983 acrylic on canvas painting, the image has only been described with the descriptive title of "Black Bustier" as there was no known official title assigned to the piece by Patrick Nagel. This is a very rare acrylic on canvas original painting.

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